Membership administration made easy.

Clubday makes everday club life easier for the club and its volunteers through automated and digitized work processes. Effortlessly set up a digital membership administration.

For whom?

  • Sport clubs
  • Theater groups
  • Fire departments
  • Daycare facilities
  • Churches
  • Choirs
  • Political organizations
  • Charities
  • Artist associations
  • and more :)

Digitize your administration

Get rid of that paper! Enter your membership data in Clubday and never worry about missing files or unreadable forms again

Shared workspace

Work together securely from anywhere

Clubday allows you to work with as many colleagues as you wish on your shared administration. Work online, from anywhere, in a secured environment.

Online form

Members fill out applications online

Paper forms are ancient history. New members can now fill out online application on a computer or tablet in your organization, on their phones, or even at home.

What's more?

Payment administration
Data protection compliant (GDPR)
Hosted and developed in Germany
Running 100% on renewable energy
Coming soon


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